Batting Stats

An estimate to batting numbers using Baseball Savant’s Statcast data. It expands upon Jim Albert’s hit probability model, by modeling the probability each batted ball is a single, double, triple, or home run. By using the inputs, an estimated batting average, estimated slugging percentage, estimated ISO, estimated BABIP, and estimated wOBA can be calculated. The inputs (singles, doubles, triples, home runs) are park adjusted by using the expected number based on the estimated model, therefore the models are park neutral and estimate all players on the same level. Using the estimated wOBA model, an estimated runs model is created. By team numbers are on the Batter Line by Team tab, full season numbers on the Overall Batter Line tab, and splits (vs right or left handed pitcher) are on the Batter Splits tab.

To filter by year, search the year. Can select the variables to display by using the “column visibility” button, where the sort and filter options work within each change in visibility. Currently, for each tab the est_ba, est_slg, est_iso, est_babip, ba, slg, iso, babip, and runs columns are hidden.