I hold undergraduate degrees in economics and computer information systems and I am currently a Masters of Arts, Economics student with a concentration in economic analysis at Kent State University. This blog will focus on economic thinking in baseball combined with mathematical tools and scouting. For more information on me, you can visit my personal website.

TDK Baseball’s goal is to provide tools and visualizations to analyze the game of baseball and the decisions that are made within front offices. This is an ongoing project that will feature updates throughout time with additional features added. Presently, the site focuses on a batter’s hitting in the Statcast era (2015-present) and using that data to estimate a player’s batting stats. Additionally, the site has added data visualizations for 2020 pitchers, a MLB Draft surplus framework, and an aggregated draft board.

The features of the website will be explained in posts on the blog section of the website. All critiques are welcomed, as I am a believer in the wisdom of the crowds and that additional feedback will only make the models used better and create a more accurate representation of a player’s level of ability and front office decision making. Additionally, the blog will use economic theory to understand the decisions that are made by front offices and to explain market forces that can be in play.